What we do?

Focus MI is a Market Research and commercial representation company that take pride in providing gold standard market intelligence services, as well as introducing innovative products in the agribusiness market in Brazil.

Always searching for new analytics methods and applying our market intelligence concept, allied with a never-ending optimization of our own processes allow us a in depth understanding and adaptation towards market dynamics; allowing us to provide market and business development to our clients and partners.

Searching for new and innovative products and technologies that enables sustainable productivity growth is also a big part of our business.


Always in synergy with our clients, our mission is to identify problems and solve them, determine opportunities and embrace them. Our integrated work dynamics develop methodologies that generates both, knowledge and value trough processes synergy, focusing always on our client’s needs.


To be recognized in the market as a reliable and innovative company in market intelligence and consulting services, mainly for the agribusiness sector.

Goal Oriented
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Agrobusiness Consulting

Client Prospecting

Business growth is a constant concern for companies looking to expand their business, gain market share and increase revenue. Growth can be achieved either by increasing sales to their ongoing clients or by expanding their clients list.

Focusing on our client’s markets, we identify major buyers and all relevant information regarding their business and contacts information, providing a solid base for opening new business channels.

Supplier Prospecting

Suppliers play a major role in the supply chain of every company. Without a strong relationship with suppliers, companies can put in at risk delivering their goods to its clients. This brings to light the importance to create and developing long lasting relations with great suppliers. Those relations should give a competitive edge for the company to penetrate new or grow already existing markets.

With that in mind Focus MI provide a in depth analysis on south American suppliers, integrating companies and expanding Business potential in a global level.

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Agribusiness Market Intelligence

Satisfaction Research

Its an important tool for company management. The objective is to understand the target market perception regarding our clients and or its products.

The result aim to present valuable information to identify opportunities of improvement and develop an action plan for continuous enhancement of organizational processes.


Our pricing research is conducted using different methodologies; one of such is the Mystery shopper.

By using those methodologies, we certify that the prices we deliver are a result of processes conducted by people that live daily the agricultural market in Brazil, therefore we offer a differentiated constant positioning.

Specific factors like credit availability, seasonality, amongst others, are considered and reflected on the research resulting on the actual price that is being practiced.

“Tailor Made” Research

Our “TAILOR MADE” research has a high degree of specificity and specialization if compared with researches in other markets.

This research demands a team of professionals with high expertise in the agricultural market in Brazil, it focus in a specific need of our client who stablish and structures the directives that will guide the research.

Commercial Representation

Technology is a reality in the agrobusiness and, as it seems, this process will only grow. Technology is shaping crop production, increasing productivity and reducing losses.

We view technology resources like the internet, A.I., virtual reality and cognitive computing; technology that the agrobusiness is adapting to its structure (with total interconnection of its boundaries via internet and specialized labor), aiming to increase competitivity in the global market.

We also see technology as any product, service or productive process that optimize agricultural production and make it more sustainable.

Guided by that notion of technology and aware of its importance now, and in the future, of agribusiness Focus MI is always looking for new opportunities in the national and international markets.


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